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New Materials for a Sustainable Energy Future: Linking Computation with Experiment

It is the vision of our Royal Society DFID Programme to provide a comprehensive doctoral training and research programme to: (i) Build research capacity in molecular modelling in the African partner institutions; (ii) Develop thriving and sustainable graduate programmes based on a collaborative effort between the applicants and their teams; and (iii) Create internationally acknowledged Centres of Excellence in each of the African institutions, built round the fields of solar energy production and storage, modelling energy materials  and biofuel production.


We have designed a comprehensive and varied training programme to be delivered primarily in the African partner universities for postgraduate students and staff, as well as visiting researchers from other universities in sub-Saharan Africa. Central to this capacity building programme is the emphasis on the integration of computer modelling and experiment in the research and training. Synergy between computation and experiment is important in all research, but particularly suitable and beneficial in the research on renewable energy materials carried out by our consortium. In addition to any taught courses the PhD students may have to take as part of their PhD programmes, which vary from institution to institution, plus individual research training to be provided by the project supervisors in CU, KNUST, UNAM and UB, the consortium partners together will also deliver a programme of cohort-wide training courses for staff and graduate students, including transferable and generic skills development as well as technical training. The partner teams as well as external participants will thus be able to benefit from the following research and training activities, which will be rotated between the three African partner sites to maximise participation:


(i) Technical training


(ii) Transferable and generic skills development


(iii) Accredited Project Management


(iv)  Entrepreneurship and Exploitation


(v) Knowledge Exchange and Public Outreach


(vi)  Responsible Innovation


(vii) Collaborative research in renewable energy topics




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